Welcome to Akasha Communities and School for Living Arts. Our philosophy is simple. Co-create conscious, creative, connected and regenerative communities that on a foundational level support, "the most good for the most people, most of the time".

By joining this community list you will be at the forefront of a great shift happening in how humans will work and cohabitate. Conscious, connected, creative and regenerative communities that function without the need for centralized food production, power generation, currency or top down governance. Communities that empower their population on even the most subtle and subconscious levels towards their own personal growth and expansion, foster deep connections to each other and the world around them and encourage sovereignty from within.

It's time for the consciously creative, visionary, forward thinking action takers and reality makers to take a stronger leadership role and to ask the questions that are not being asked by the "mainstream" about what kind of world is actually possible when humanity is awakened to it's potential and encouraged towards it's highest good.

Many of us who understand the multi-dimensional nature of "reality" and how we can collaborate with it's construction will be called to share our knowledge . And we are just scratching the surface of what is possible.

As part of this select group you will receive updates, notifications of and special invites to learn from experts in the areas of regenerative culture building, decentralization of food, power and governance as well as participate in the co-creation of gatherings, summits, festivals and ultimately the communities we all know are possible. This is a place of inspiration, expansion and action. We look forward to building something beautiful with you.

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